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Sequence of Dihedrals

Sequence of Dihedrals (Secuencia de diedros), 2007, is a sculptural-architectural intervention specifically conceived for one of the glass walls of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao building. By using an automatic pneumatic mechanism, a modular structure with a variable number of movable panels bursts in and interrupts the museum’s customary sounds and views with their pre-established rhythms and disquieting noises. Each panel is placed on a slab of glass with the same height and width, the difference being that the glass wall module is a parallelogram and the added panel a rectangle. Thus, an orthonormal lattice is layered over the oblique lattice of the existing glass wall. Each panel pivots around the upper as well as lower sides at a 10º or 15º angle, creating dihedrals in their relationships. The panels move in unison in pre-established time intervals, achieving the transfer needed to position themselves in a predetermined configuration.

Sergio Prego

Sequence of Dihedrals (Secuencia de diedros), 2007

Pneumatic mechanism and aluminum panels

Approx. 300 x 100 cm eachPanels and overall dimensions variable

Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa