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Light Walls 011

The almost four-meter-long Light Walls 011 (Muros de luz 011) is a piece of the series Light Walls (Muros de luz), 2004–06. The basic material for the images in Light Walls was photographed at the black marble quarry in the Biscayan town of Markina in 2004. Aitor Ortiz entered into the quarry to insert square spaces of pristine white light into its mass. To the artist, the contrast between the stony volume and constructed cube represents a mental refuge, a place of nonexistent coordinates and the unequivocal symbol "of the power of the mind and the artistic project to create order out of raw material."

Aitor Ortiz

Light Walls 011 (Muros de luz 011), 2005

Digital print on aluminum

251 x 397 cm

Edition 1/3 + 2 A.P.
Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa