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Las Matinées de Miramón

Las Matinées de Miramón

Every year, under the heading "Les Matinées de Miramón", the Basque National Orchestra hosts a series of concerts. The concerts feature performances by groups made up of members of the orchestra, young solo artists, chamber choirs and organists. This year's programme includes performances by solo artists Martin Fröst and Asier Polo, and chamber ensembles Sigma Project and Ensemble Diatessaron.

Place: Basque National Orchestra Headquarters (Miramón) DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN
Opening hours: 11am
Price: 7 euros

Localización de Las Matinées de Miramón

Las Matinées de Miramón

Paseo de Miramón, Donostia-San Sebastián