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October’s Last Monday in Gernika

October’s Last Monday in Gernika

The last Monday in October is the day of the most important gastronomic, agricultural, stock, and crafts festival in Gernika-Lumo, one of the most popular events of this kind in the Basque Country. The festival encompasses the entire town, with baserritarras (farmers) displaying their products in nearly 900 stalls all along the streets of San Juan Ibarra, Paseleku, Artekale, and Juan Calzada.

One of the main attractions are the competitions showcasing the best vegetables, fruits, flowers, cheese, txokolí wine, and honey. The panel of judges rates the products early in the morning, and afterward, the exhibitors sell their products. Awards are presented at noon beside the Mercurio Fountain.

The streets are alive with street music and performances by Basque bards, or bertsolaris. At 2 pm, the exhibitors pack up their goods but the festivities continue throughout the afternoon with traditional Basque pelota games.

Localización de October’s Last Monday in Gernika

October’s Last Monday in Gernika

48300 Gernika-Lumo, España