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International Museum Day 2014

International Museum Day 2014

“Museum collections make connections”,
slogan of International Museum Day 2014

Around the date of May 18, numerous museums all over the world will celebrate International Museum Day 2014. By choosing the slogan “Museum collections make connections” for the occasion, the artistic community aims to remind the general public that museums are living institutions which help to create links between visitors, generations and cultures all over the world. As story-tellers of a community’s cultural heritage and collective memory, museums contribute strongly to the development of society as important places of exchange and enrichment that encourage the development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace between peoples. Museums are constantly faced with changes in the industry, forcing them to rethink their traditional commitment, to find new ways of ensuring easy access by visitors to their collections. The slogan for 2014 underscores the collaboration existing between the museums of the world with the aim to foster international cultural exchange. During the last edition of International Museum Day, 35,000 museum-related activities were organized in 143 countries.

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When: 05/18/2014