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Getxophoto 2013

Getxophoto 2013

Under the slogan 'Sueños' ('Dreams'), the seventh edition of Getxophoto will revolve around the world of dreams. French curator Christian Caujolle will select fifteen artists, who will showcase their work in unconventional exhibition areas, primarily in the zone which connects Ereaga beach with the Old Port of Algorta.

Getxophoto will display the artists' photos in peculiar exhibition formats such as coasters, t-shirts, giant canvases and simple photocopies.

The exhibitions will be available to view from 29th August to 29th September, while the main activities will take place between 29th August and 1st September.

Place: GETXO
Date: 08/29/2013 - 09/29/2013

Localización de Getxophoto 2013

Getxophoto 2013

Getxo, Bizkaia