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The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao offers a choice of two extraordinary culinary experiences. Nerua, an haute cuisine restaurant (one Michelin star) run by Josean Alija, while Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao offers less formal fare and a menu that varies with the time of day.


Nerua is a newly opened cutting-edge restaurant located in the heart of the Museum next to Richard Serra‚s The Matter of Time, and with its own entrance from the river promenade. This innovative and revolutionary restaurant is run by Josean Alija, whose culinary team will take you on an intriguing journey through aromas, textures, and flavors.


For less formal fare, the newly refurbished Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao offers a select menu, a variety of choicesfor the day, and its own special ambience to enjoy an evening out in Bilbao. An avant-garde restaurant with touches of haute cuisine for a new and different dining experience.