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Las Encartaciones is located at the western end of Biscay and occupies around one-fifth of its surface area. If something makes it stand out it is the combination of a beautiful natural setting where the visitor can see, among other wonders, the Cave of Pozalagua, unique in the world thanks to its high concentration of off-center stalactites, or the Galdames greenway, a dense industrial landscape that leads to the primeval woods along the river Nervión.

The area has a rich cultural and monumental heritage, seen in a landscape full of tower-houses, baroque palaces, churches, chapels, houses built by indianos (local people who made their fortunes in the Americas), bridges, foundries, etc. as well as a number of interesting museums such as Torre Loizaga—which houses a great collection of vintage cars—or Boinas La Encartada, dedicated to the history of the Basque beret.

Localización de Encartaciones


Cueva de Pozalagua, Carranza, España