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Children and families


1, 7 y 8 de marzo - 14 y 15 de marzo






Los materiales del arte

1, 7 y 8 de marzo [euskera] 14 y 15 de marzo [español] ¡Cualquier material puede ser apropiado para crear una obra de arte! Inspirándose en la obra de Niki de Saint Phalle, los participantes crean una escultura de papel maché añadiendo también objetos cotidianos.

Jueves 19 y 26 de marzo



Taller de diseño y moda

Jueves 19 y 26 de marzo Niki de Saint Phalle formó parte del mundo de la moda neoyorquino a finales de los años cuarenta posando como modelo para prestigiosas revistas como Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar o Time Magazine. En este taller los participantes podrán diseñar su propio estampado inspirado en el mundo del arte. Imparte: Itxaso…

Sábados y domingos, 11:30 h








Books Alive!

CURSO 2015 Actividad en inglés que transcurre en la Biblioteca del Museo en la que los participantes se sumergen en los cuentos a través de juegos, canciones, la expresión plástica y corporal. The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse 14 y 15, 28 de febrero y 1 de marzo [2 a 5 años] Divertidos animales…


Workshops for children

At weekends, families with children aged 3 to 10 can visit the exhibits and participate in creative workshops. A new activity every month.


Workshops for Members’ children related to the intriguing work by Louise Bourgeois and the popular sculpture by Jeff Koons.


Progressive workshops, for children aged 5 to 10, are held on tuesdays and wednesdays, which stimulate their curiosity and spatial comprehension by means of drawings, models, projections and games.


While the adults visit the exhibits, children aged 2 to 8 have this creative space in the atrium at their disposal.

Books Alive

In the library children aged 2 to 8 discover stories in an activity which involves reading, body language and acting in English.

Baby Art

Awaken the senses: stimulate touch, hearing and sight by means of a game with parents, an initiation in the enjoyment of art. For babies aged 6 to 24 months.


One, two or more weeks at the Museum learning, creating and making friends surrounded by art.


Workshops and shows to enjoy as a family at Christmas.



Advance purchase is required to secure a spot in one of the workshops. Tickets are available from the 3rd Wednesday of the month before the activity:
Online: Tickets will be on sale as of 10 am    Click here to access online purchase
By phone: (+) 34 944 35 90 90. Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm
At the Admission Desk: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 7:30 pm

Space is limited. No refunds will be made on tickets already purchased.


Aventura en el museo

Your adventure at the Museum

A virtual tour specially designed for kids. Discover the Museum with Nora and Mateo.


The adventure starts here