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Curatorial Lab

Curatorial Lab is an initiative of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao which presents interventions and projects that young Basque curators have envisioned specifically for gallery 103b. This program, a continuation of the initiative launched in 2012 to celebrate the Museum’s 15th anniversary, will materialize in three different projects by three separate curators over the course of 2013, giving the local emerging art scene a space of its own inside the Museum.

The thrid Curatorial Lab project is entitled Stop the World, I Want to Get Off: Cancel One Era, Begin Another. This group show, curated by Ines Bermejo (Getxo, 1986) and Anarel·la Martínez (Valencia, 1984), features artworks by Elisa Arteta (Pamplona, 1980), Pau Figueres (Benidorm, 1976), Miriam Isasi (Vitoria–Gazteiz, 1981), Ibai León (Bermeo, 1980), Mawatres [Juan Pablo Ordúñez] (Madrid, 1986), Ainhoa Ortells (Getxo, 1985), and Diego Vivanco (Bilbao, 1988). Using different metaphors, these artists show how they choose to express and overcome the sadness, disappointment, anger, and frustation brought on by the financial crisis. The project reveals an active generation that wants to make its presence known and is not afraid to shout, a generation that faces its problems and looks for ways to turn adverse circumstances around.

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