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Contest: L’Art en Guerre. Design your own poster and win a "creative resistance kit".

Raise your voice and free your inspiration. Choose a caption, lettering and colors and design your own resistance poster. Keep the memory alive of the hundreds of artists who suffered under Nazi Occupation in France.

By sharing with your poster on Facebook, you'll enter a drawing for 20 "create temporary assistance kits" consisting of: 1 set of pencils to write slogans that will go down in history; a ArtAtWar notebook, and a invitation for 2 to the exhibition, on show  at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao through September 8th.

  • Maddi Trutxu
  • Ángel Beistegui
  • Ada Lafée
  • Doña Valdivia
  • Inma Barrio Gómez
  • Alejandro Taboada
  • La Trapecista Be
  • Susana G. Muniesa
  • Quique Solera
  • Aida Speranza
  • Isabel Di Mare
  • Mariana López
  • Moisés Burguet Tarodo
  • Kathya Okumatsu
  • Mar Diez
  • Andrés Juárez Chang
  • Bea GarCía
  • Gloria Valdes
  • Morgan Mar
  • Maria Sauzet

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El período de participación comprenderá desde el jueves 13 de junio hasta el 5 de julio de 2013

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